I work with individuals and families

to help you understand and make informed decisions

in your relationship to food, body, and exercise


How I can help?

15+ years experience

I have worked for one of the nation’s top in-patient care center, Eating Recovery Center. Most of my counseling career has been devoted to understanding and explaining eating disorders. A lot of the information out there misses the point by just focusing on food. But here’s the thing, eating disorders aren’t about food.

Are you ready to explore the underlying dynamics to your relationship with food, body or exercise?

Individual sessions allow an individualized approach, a time to employ a lot of Curiosity, and set the Judgment aside. A time to connect to your own inner strengths and wisdom.

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serving your family 



1-on-1 therapeutic consultation

What can we cover during our time?

  1. Get all your questions answered

  2. We’ll decode eating disorders together.

  3. Decide on proactive steps you can take today.

    We can cover adolescent transitions, treatment centers, recovery, and more.




online group support

Why join this group?

This group is for families and friends to share their story of loving something with an eating disorder. In 8 weeks together, you’ll make big life shifts. We meet online so that it’s easy for your life and your family. This is the most cost-effective way to take care of yourself and your loved one.

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for clinicians 



Supervision Group

This supervision is for therapists and dietitians looking for more support around the therapeutic part of eating disorders.


What will you walk away with?

A Better Understanding

You will learn from my specialized focus how ED works and how to work with it.

Increased Competency

With more information and tools, you’ll be less stressed and have more impact for clients.

More Balanced & Grounded

You’ll learn from others and feel more connected. Know that you’re not alone.

This group is an 8 week commitment.

Request to be in the group by booking a phone consultation or

sending an email to wendy@wendywrightcounseling.com