A few open Thank You notes

To those who helped build my life foundations

My journey

As the last decade or so of my own life journey has moved through pain and healing, toward greater insight and wisdom, there have been several teachers and mentors along the way.  I wouldn’t be where I am today apart from their support, their input, their courage in putting their thoughts out into the universe.

I want to thank each of them, and in doing so, share with you key, impactful books and podcasts so that you, the reader, can find your way to the wisdom you long for.


My path to freedom in life started inside my life with food.  My relationship with food and my body was a war. It was constricted and restrictive.  I was never good enough, and always a failure. It was ruled by shame. So this pain prompted me to seek help.

It started with reading  Intuitive Eating.  It started by my picking up the phone one day and calling Elyse Resch,MS, RDN, CEDRD, FAND -- she put her phone number in the book and said to call!  We worked together for about a year. One of my big takeaways was permission to eat, without judgment.  And permission to be curious. This was such a shift for me! And now, I am always the champion of “be curious, not judging” in my work with others.  Thank you, Elyse, for your time and care.  And for giving me the first safe place to really talk about myself!


There was this cool turn of events.  As I moved to working full time with eating disorder clients, I began to do my own informal “research” into the connection between their relationship with food and money.  I think this came natural to me because of my earlier work as a mortgage loan officer. And over and over, there was a parallel in behaviors and thought patterns. This solidified my instinct that there is a connection between these areas, and this connection is some level of shame story.

I was excited to find that Geneen Roth wrote about this in Lost and Found!  She also got that there is a real connection in the underlying relationships of food, money, and self!  Thank you, Geneen, for sharing your story and insights!!

Of course, I cant speak of insights around the role of shame without highlighting Brene Brown, PhD, LMSW, for her writings!  Brene basically stood up and called shame out, giving us words to use to describe this common experience!  Thank you, Brene!

Then I stumbled upon a financial advisor who was shouting the news from the money side of the fence. Hilary Hendershott, CFP, names it through the frame of her Money Operating System. She is acknowledging that important emotional connection to money patterns and practices. I was so excited to see my hunch spoken about so clearly! Hilary, thank you!!

I don’t recall how, but a few years ago I found Meadow Devor and listened to some of her podcasts and writings about this deeper thing with money.  Meadow brought me to this interview with her and Bari Tessler.  And I was so excited to find others were getting this!!  Meadow and Bari, thank you!  You are both declaring that “yes!” there is a deeper connection!   

Through Bari’s work, I went through her yearlong Art of Money program, I found Karen McCall.  Karen wrote Financial Recovery, among other things, because she saw the need for emotional support in finances.  Karen and I began to work together last year. She has been so supportive of my drive to launch my own private practice to help with the therapeutic elements of your relationship with money!  Thank you, Karen!!

And still Food

Now, you may have wondered about my relationship to food during these last few years of gaining insight about finances!  I still work on it regularly! I have most recently been powerfully impacted by my own individual work with Sue Van Raes, RD, of Boulder Nutrition.  She has helped me understand and name there is this third phase of eating disorder recovery!  I write about this in my blog post Three Phases of Recovery.  Sue, thank you for your support and care!!

Putting it all together

So I pull all this together for you for a couple of reasons.  

Firstly, I am truly grateful for each of these women.  They each stood and spoke their truth, put it in the universe and helped me find their validation and supports.  Secondly, I wanted to create a learning path for you. You can go through these amazing resources, as they are all linked throughout the writing.  

If you do choose to partake in these wisdoms, let me know about your journey!  You can email me at wendy@wendywrightcounseling.com.  For more individualized support in your journey, we can work together.  Click here to book time to chat.

Of course, this is not a complete list of those who have been foundational to my life, but a list of some of those who are published.  I have also had dear friends and family who impact me regularly! I love them all and appreciate them so much!!